A Set of Ebay Buying and Selling Tools

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Ebay Alerts Tool

The Ebay Alerts tool is used to monitor ebay once a day, at 2:00 AM daily, for products that match a certain description and are under a specific price. For example, if may want to be notified if there are listings for "Apple Iphone 5C phone" with a price less than $200. This script will send you an email once a day, around 2:00 AM with all listing ending that day that are Apple Iphone 5C phones.

View Todays Listings to Bid

This tool shows you listings that are ending today that you can bid on. Once logged in, you can verify you max price on each listings and then submit the listings to be bid on right before the items auction ends.

Ebay Solds and Unsolds Query Tool

This tool will searches that solds and unsolds on ebay for a specific item or search term. You just need to enter a search term and this tool will give you all items that sold and didn't sell in the past 30 days. The tool also gives you the average price of the sold items, the total number of items that were for sale and the total number of unsold items in the past 30 days.

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